Law is an important part of our daily lives. It regulates us at every step of our lives, be it family, work, education and society. The law protects us from criminals, secures our property from theft and guides us in settling family disputes. Finally, the Constitution of India, the supreme law of the land, ensures that India is a democracy that protects the fundamental rights of its citizens at all times.


Unfortunately, legal ignorance is rampant in India. People seldom know law. Many do not even know what the ‘Constitution of India’ is. As a result, unscrupulous persons take advantage and routinely exploit this ignorance. Corrupt policemen register false cases and jail innocent persons. Unscrupulous Builders cheat home-buyers by forcing them to pay for parking spaces. Finally, ignorance of law among the masses ensures that cases keep pending for years, much to the benefit of lawyers.


At TheVakil.com, we have a mission – put an end to legal ignorance! Through short and lucid articles, we introduce our readers to different facets of law – civil, criminal and others. These write-ups give a brief but informative insight into the intricacies of law in everyday life. Further, detailed questions can be emailed to us via the “Ask Us” section. Through this will endeavour to provide you with more detailed and specific information on your query. We hope that you will find this portal informative and do revert should the legal knowledge come in handy anytime.




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